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i got the job!!!!

ok, remember the iv i went last october?
a month has passed and guess what, i got a positive answer yesterday, 18 Nov 2014, which sounded so goodddd..

i got the job, now what??

nursery / babysitter quest!!

ok, this is my very first time to send my precious 8 months baby to a nursery..

sedih gila ok!!!

rasa sebak pun ada ni bila tengok muka umar.

sebab bila baca all those bad stories about babies been tortured by babysitters :(

ya ALLAH, kuatkanlah hatiku

let's motivate my ownself!!!

1) i was born into this world to devote myself to my God, to live this life as best as I could, to succeed in this life and hereafter.

2) i dont want my status as a woman dampen my ambition to succeed in my career. i want to be successful, yes, successful.

thus, being a mother should not stop me from pursuing my dream.

3) i believe, when i want to do something, it must be for the sake of Allah's redha, like i want to create success in this world by becoming a successful career woman/mother/wife, i should make it clear that all of the success is meant for Allah's redha on me.

4) hence, when i have that kind of thought, my heart will be at peace, i will have 100% confident in Allah that Allah will help me to ease my path to success, will help me to look after my baby Umar when he's with the babysitter, insyaALLAH. tawakal, tawakal, tawakal.

5) be good. perform your job as best as you could. be a good worker, be a good Muslimah, insyaALLAH ,ALLAH will take care of  your matters in the best way, only HE could do the best way after all.

believe in ALLAH.

life is easy when u give all of u to ALLAH <3

19 nov 2014


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