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Trying my luck😁

I do have a Carousell account but it's been  a week that there's still no positive feedback from potential buyers.Hence, I put it up here. I am selling off my Yellow Butterfly Duckscarves #duckscarves at a reasonable price, because it is preloved but in great condition still. I normally sell my preloved stuffs cheap even though they are still great to use.I am selling off it or if you do have a Yellow Butterfly Tote Bag, I would love to swap my scarf with yours. Thus, this ad opens for both selling and swapping activities.That's all duckies, quack quack!
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salam and hey ya!

To all who read my blog. Let's communicate!😉

Alhamdulillah for this favour

I am so much blessed with my view now. I enjoy a great view from my home and that is indeed one of major blessings in my life. I am the one who appreciate simple thing in life, yes, like this kind of view, it is simple, but it means a lot to me. I appreciate serenity, tranquility and everything nice about nature. I am a nature person but it doesn't mean I am brave enough to go into the jungle alone ya hahaha. Thank you Allah for this. Love You!😍 #lovelettertoGod

Late bloomer I am

I am happy, content, with my life. As a late bloomer, I am happy that even though I slowly progress in my life, I age slowly, I mature slowly, but I managed to learn about myself more , to love myself deeply, because of the enormous times I have been given by God. That is what I love about myself in this life. No regrets!💛
Pic : Roses of my baby sister , which she got from her beloved friends on her convo lately, she gifted them to me and they are all dried up now but the memory remains. Edited by VSCO app. 😍

"i have this thing for tiles" syndrome 😁

Before the idea of getting our truly home sweet home, I never ever learned seriously about home decorations. I mean, I know about things like interior designs and so on but only at surface level, I never digged more of that.
When my husband started to talk about our first home, I was still not in much of interest, I thought it was super easy to get a beautiful home, I never thought we should come out with a survey of this and that suppliers/materials/lights/tools/furnitures and so on before we can decide on the best of all. Because,everything involves money, every cent counts, so , you don't want to end  up with a so-so decorated home in the end, or you don't want to end up eating maggi everyday because you have go over the budget😅.
We were actively went to home expos , actively browsing for ideas  from the internet and instagram as I am an instagrammer,  even when I watched a drama on tv and it shows pretty good  home interior designs, I will record the drama and show to my h…

Why you follow me? 😏

Kesombongan di social media. Have u ever experienced u dropped a comments at or liked pictures of some of your friends in social media,  but they never replied to you,  or if they did,  it was only a cold reply. 
But,  they acted differently to other people. Komen orang lain dorang reply,  panjang pulak,  siap dengan emoji mesra.  I know that is a sign. A sign yang orang tak suka kita, sebab tu dia buat kita macam tu,  sombong dengan kita. 
That is not a big problem for me when people don't like me, me,myself, dislike some people in my life too. But,  i'm different,  walaupun I tak suka orang,  I akan cuba sedaya upaya menjaga hati orang tu jugak. Pelik tak I?  Hahaha.  Sebabnya,  I taknak buat orang sakit hati,  kecik hati dengan I. Sebab tu lagi susah,  berdosa. So,  I will reply to them no matter what. Call me plastic or what,  this is my way. Biar I je tau I tak suka dorang, jangan dorang tau. 
The issue is,  orang yang tak suka I ni. Dorang sombong,  memilih,  bila my komen t…

idea come, idea go

assalamualaikum, hello semua...after a while, we meet again here, hmmm actually tak tau nak blog on apa.
you know what, everytime i ada idea untuk blog, masa tu mesti tengah busy buat kerja lain and suddenly the idea pops up, but i never save the idea in my hp or notebook, i just store it in my mind and biasalah, otak mak-mak ni, berapa  lama sangatlah boleh simpan kan.
it's not easy for me to blog, i need my own space and time to sit back, relax and start typing. like just now, my kids entered my room and got so excited seeing me with a laptop, they wanna have a say too in this blog, they were so eager to type as well 😒.
for this super short post itself, it takes like an hour to complete 😝. hahaha memang susahlah nak maintain blog ni. oh, now i am typing in a quiet room, lari kejap from them so that i can finish this quick! taknak lah bersarang terus blog ni, kenalah update jugak walaupun sekali setahun macam hari raya hahaha.
emmm kenapa tak blog malam bila anak-anak dah tidur…