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Butterfly day today

At first, when the Duck Group launched their butterfly duck collection, I was like making fun of it, I felt nothing special about it because it look ordinary and any brand can come out with that kind of design. I thought they copied Gucci and not only Gucci, other brands too, because at that time the butterfly design was in trend.

But then, when I learned the story by D, and yes, when Vivy and other instafamous wore it, they made it look sooo beautiful and guess what?! I was influenced by them at last. Haish, there goes my moneyπŸ˜†.

I always lose my inner battle with Duck. I just can't help it. And, actually, the Butterfly collection is truly beautiful, when I first had my hands on it (on the yellow one), it looked so nice, no regrets! I just adore all the colours but I love the green one most but still do not own it. Fret not, as a duckscarves hunter, I will hunt it down later hahahaπŸ˜†. That's what I love about Duck, you can always have the one that you miss out because there…
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Late bloomer I am

I am happy, content, with my life. As a late bloomer, I am happy that even though I slowly progress in my life, I age slowly, I mature slowly, but I managed to learn about myself more , to love myself deeply, because of the enormous times I have been given by God. That is what I love about myself in this life. No regrets!πŸ’›

Ya Wadud, Ya Wadud, Ya Wadud

My marriage will turn 7 next  month, InsyaAllah. I am blessed to be granted a man who is just not a husband, but he's more than that. He's so special , my love for him grows  each day by the rahmah of Allah, Alhamdulillah.

However, to have such a blessing doesn't come easy and quick unless Allah wants it to be, for example, you have to work hard in your study in order to get the best result, right? Undeniably, we must always tell ourselves that every good thing comes to us is from Allah, alone. Having said that,  if we want to get good grades, we must rely on Allah for that, by following what Allah taught us, which is in this case (read : to pass exams with flying colours), we are demanded to study hard, keep praying and after that, have tawakkul in Allah.

Hence, I would like to share with you that, in order for me to have a good jodoh, I had been taught since my primary school days, to pray for the best one for me. I believe in  the law of qada & qadr , that our jodoh…

Of being patriotic, local brands and social status of Malaysians

WARNING! This is a serious post. No emojis used, to show how serious it is. Ladies and gentlemen, behold!
You hate wearing locals. You make fun of our national cars. You condemn when our home-grown fashion labels set a high price so that they have the same standard as the international brands. You think that your social status determined by the overseas brands you own. You make it a must for an overseas vacation every year even though you never travel across your own country.

Sorry to ask, but may I know how patriotic are you towards your own country? you actually love your country or the truth is that you just accept the fact that you were born in your country and you can do nothing about it but if given options, you would love to change your citizenship? It's okay, keep your answer to yourself.

I don't want to stress on how patriotic you should be, because it's all in your heart, you choose what you wanna love, love can't be forced, if your love for your cou…

salam and hey ya!

To all who read my blog. Let's communicate!πŸ˜‰

Alhamdulillah for this favour

I am so much blessed with my view now. I enjoy a great view from my home and that is indeed one of major blessings in my life. I am the one who appreciate simple thing in life, yes, like this kind of view, it is simple, but it means a lot to me. I appreciate serenity, tranquility and everything nice about nature. I am a nature person but it doesn't mean I am brave enough to go into the jungle alone ya hahaha. Thank you Allah for this. Love You!😍 #lovelettertoGod

"i have this thing for tiles" syndrome 😁

Before the idea of getting our truly home sweet home, I never ever learned seriously about home decorations. I mean, I know about things like interior designs and so on but only at surface level, I never digged more of that.
When my husband started to talk about our first home, I was still not in much of interest, I thought it was super easy to get a beautiful home, I never thought we should come out with a survey of this and that suppliers/materials/lights/tools/furnitures and so on before we can decide on the best of all. Because,everything involves money, every cent counts, so , you don't want to end  up with a so-so decorated home in the end, or you don't want to end up eating maggi everyday because you have go over the budgetπŸ˜….
We were actively went to home expos , actively browsing for ideas  from the internet and instagram as I am an instagrammer,  even when I watched a drama on tv and it shows pretty good  home interior designs, I will record the drama and show to my h…