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ATAH!! (my paternal grandma)

This is my paternal grandma. The baby? It's Umar! My beloved son :)

My dad's mom.

I call her Atah (gandma in Perak. "Atah" is usually used by the royal families in Perak)

She's is so special to me. I love her so much.

Wanna know why?

Ive lived for 28 years old, and I only have the chance to meet her for the very first time this year!

Its such a long story why this happened but trust me, my atah is sooo nice. She has a very kind heart, I believe that is why Allah chose her to be a Muslim about more than 70 years ago.

Her name is Mariam Gregory Abdullah. She was born to Ceylonist and Baba Nyonya Chinese parents. Her dad which is my great grandfather was a Ceylonist (Sri Lankan- fair skin Indian) and her mom which is my great grandmother was a Baba Nyonya Chinese ( only speak Malay & English at home, lived like Malay people, did not know to speak Chinese). Obviously, I am a mixed blood human being! Hahaha, Alhamdulillah for that :)) .

Atah got married to my grandfather ( my dad's father), the late YAM Raja Muda Musa Ibni Almarhum YTM Sultan Abdul Aziz , that explained the conversion from Catholic to Islam, Alhamdulillah for that :))

There's so much to talk about her but I want to keep it low, because I love her so much!!

Love u so much Atah and thanks for every single thing that you had gone through , every single sacrifices you had done, for my dad and for the rest of family, only Allah knows u better than anyone else, I know and I believe you are the sweetest!!

19 Nov 2014


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