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Flexi Plan by Mr Z

Alhamdulillah for all that Allah has bestowed upon me. One of the greatest blessings is my soulmate,  my husband.

Being a wife and a mother,  no matter  whether you are a career woman or a homemaker, is one tiring (emmm what's the best word ya? Haha!) position ever.  In a positive way of course. You get tired and happiness at the same time! Haha! 

Being tired is one of normal requirements of being a human being.  We live in this world with purposes,  goals to achieve, hence,  we have to work on that till the end of our breath. In Islam,  we will stop being tired when we're dead.

The amount of tiredness experienced by both working wife and housewife is actually  the same!  I have been a working wife (working mom as well) and currently I am a housewife (stay at home mom as well). In both positions,  I experience the same amount of tiredness. It's the SAME!!! 

Seriously,  I don't  understand why there are women who need to argue on who got tired  more or most? Hey, being a working wife/mom does not make the responsibilities lessen right?  Being a housewife/stay at home mom does not mean that I can sleep whenever I want, whenever I feel the urge to nap ok! 
Ok, but the focal point of this time's writing is on my husband hahaha. Almost forgot about him.

My responsibilities or duties have been lessen by my husband, Alhamdulillah thanks Allah for his presence in my life. I believe without him as my husband,  I would have fainted everyday  due to fatigueness. He is very understanding and practise flexibilities in our marriage life.

One of the flexibilities is that I don't have to cook everyday. If I feel tired or lazy to cook on that day,  I just tell him and tadaaaa..he will buy me lunch and bring the kids and I out for dinner when he's home after work.  But, being a wife, I tell myself, remind myself,  I should not take this luxury easily. Here,  I have to practise some sanity too as I need to consider healthy eating habit in my family.  Besides that,  one of the ways to strengthen the love of a husband is through his tummy. Hence,  I cook for my loved ones but when there are times I got tired or not in the mood (women and mood, no escape from that!), I will ask my husband's help to buy meals for me. I prefer cooking for my loved ones, only that, there are times I will not be able to do so. I really, really appreciate this flexibility offered by my dear husband.  You know,  cooking can be tough sometimes especially when you have 2 munchkins!! 

Another flexibility is that,  I don't have to rush for completing my laundry job.  You know laundry starts from washing off the clothes,  drying up them and folding them up! Gosh!  Folding!  I really need the folding machine!!!  With 2 munchkins who wear tiny clothes and don't re-use their clothes at least for 2 days,  the amount of clothes need to be washed are superbly enormous! I don't have the luxury of time to finish folding all at a time, it need to be done by stages. Not only that my husband practises the hashtag #housechorescanwait,  he does the laundry job himself!  He can spend his free times folding all the clothes,  MasyaAllah such a loving,  caring and helpful husband he is! This is what we call romantic!
Too many to write on the flexibilities offered by my lovely zack but I think I have to stop here hahaha. Let's the world knows only this because with these 2 flexibilities alone,  all wives (moms)  in the universe can smile all day long, trust me!!

With that,  I end up my writing with Alhamdulillah, All Praise Due to Allah S.W.T. , HE who has blessed me with my husband, Thank You Allah. 


P/s: Oh at this point of time,  he helps me taking care of the kids because I told him I want to blog! Ahh.. I love my life💟


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