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First #NFD post *giggles*

My cousin, Najla, was married to her darling fiance, Aslam, last Friday, 17 February. Started with a solemnization ceremony on Friday the 17th, followed by a reception on the next following day, Saturday the 18th. The ceremony took place in navy base, Lumut, Perak State (or we call it Silver State in English,joking!)

The theme colour for the reception was set nude. I chose to wear brownish look on that day. What I love about my ensemble was it was a recycled outfit, I did not buy new outfit  for the reception as I realized I already had nudish/brownish clothes, plus Syawal is just like few months away, thus, in the name of money-saving, I embrace the concept of recycling whatever you have and make the best of it hahaha!

I got to know about the theme way before year 2017 started, it was around November, or earlier than that. Hence, you know the pressure from within when every time you checked your Instagram, there's always promotions on pretty clothes by the sellers, made you wanna buy them although you already had nice and proper outfits to don. I think I had been strong enough to push away all the inner evil pressures to shop, so, I believe I need to reward myself a pat at the back!! =D (in other post  next time, I will share with you on my shopaholic problem, it was my problem, now I am no longer a shopaholic, I am a free person! Haha!)

This was it!

            #NFD #nfd #nishasfashiondiary <3

My ensemble for that very special day of my cousin was made of :-

 Year 2015 Poplook Chiffon Blouse with Flare Sleeve
 Year 2016 Batek Pareo from Zalora (Can't remember the brand)
 My MIL's Vintage Long Pearl Necklace
 Matte Satin Brown Shawl from a Boutique in Bangi
Vincci White Heels
 My Baby Noah as Arm Candy! =D

I was too excited meeting family members who came to the kenduri (reception in Malay Language), I forgot to take a personal ootd (outfit of the day) photo! :(

Achievement ---- Managed to save my dollars while still looking pretty for my eyes at least , yeayyyyy!



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