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How I Motivate My Demotivated Self

I've never dreamed to be a housewife. Staying at home, doing house chores, not meeting other adults for long hours and dealing with my kids' tantrum most of the times. But, life as it is, full with surprises, here I am now,  a housewife, a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM).

I'm grateful for whatever life takes me to,  as all of that driven by God's will. But, there are times when my motivation drastically drop and make me feel regret with everything in my life. I get so much tired, I start to feel my master degree is a waste and feel that I am jobless, moneyless and poor, and of course, I feel that I hate my life in the end.

I notice that all of the negative feelings arise when I start my day late, when I don't set goals (like what house chores to settle off during that day) for the day and also when I miss my Fajr prayer. And, another point, when I waste my times on famous Instafamous individuals , adoring their fabulous lives and start comparing with my boring normal life. So sad right? I should not treat myself like that. I am special and unique in my own way and class. Sigh...

I unfollow those Instafamous people because I just can't bear my jealousy actually haha. I know they are great awesome positive people who just wanna share their happiness and perspectives of life from their shoes but it's just me who cannot contain the jealousy in me. Haha, im a woman, you cannot blame me for that! =P

But, there's one Instafamous celebrity who I adore so much, who I can feel the positive vibes that she's carrying with herself, who is very kind-hearted that I can sense her kindness via her posts, who is genuine, witty , highly-educated, well-mannered and has good upbringing. She's so lucky. She's born lucky in this world. She's loved by many and she deserves all the loves as she is truly lovable in nature. I won't reveal her name here. You can guess who is her haha.

I admire her and it's weird that when I feel so jealous of her, I will unfollow her but then I will follow her back because I just love her personality. I can never be like her. I love being myself but I admire those great personalities we have in this world. I believe those people are just born lucky, they are the chosen one in this world and by God's will, they will enter Jannah (heaven) because they are very rich, famous yet still humble and kind.

Ok,to cut it short because it's Maghrib now, by that, I conclude that I can get motivated by viewing the Instagram account of a famous person. Hahaha. Wait, it's considered as wasting my time right? Oh,my, what a sad life I have hahaha (kidding!) 😛


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