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the day i found out that i started carrying you

It was in the morning of 24th July,2013 / 15 Ramadhan 1434H that I found out I was pregnant. Previously, on 10July, I did UPT and the result was negative and followed by another test on 11th July, still the result was negative. In spite of the negative results, I still had some hope because I could feel that I would be pregnant any soon.

The moment I found out the positive result, I cried and praised Allah for the great gift ever. Before I did the test, I asked to Allah for His guidance, if I were pregnant, please show me the positive result so that I do not have to eagerly wait and wait for a long time. If I weren't pregnant, please show me the negative result and I would take that as a final result, I would stop doing the UPT for this cycle. I still remember the time I prayed to Allah, it was raining and the atmosphere was very calm. Indeed, during raining time, it is efficacious for praying, as been mentioned by Rasulullah S.A.W.

Then, I let my husband knew about it, I called him and he was like startled and did not talk much, perhaps he was very happy that he couldn't talk. I asked him to perform prayers (solat sunat syukur) for being grateful to Allah. Alhamdulillah :)))

I kept this news as secret, only my husband and I knew it at that moment, and  I wanted to see doctor to confirm before releasing the news to the rest of family.

I was so grateful that I managed to hold myself from drinking sugar cane drink the night before I did UPT, as I had the little hope that I could be pregnant. Oh wait.. I think I drank it but just a little of it.I tried my best to avoid  foods that might harm the fetus although they were yummy although the results were negative earlier on. You know, it was Ramadhan month, a month of good and "yummylicious" foods. I really need to be patient at that time. Phewww!

After breaking fast for the day, my husband and I went to Klinik An-Nur Putrajaya, to confirm the pregnancy. Alhamdulillah, the doctor was friendly and nice. At first, she scanned my womb and showed us that nothing existed in my womb. It was empty but my uterus was thickened and it was a sign of early pregnancy. From her measure, I was like 2/3 weeks pregnant. But, there was a cyst existed right below my womb. I never had a cyst before and that made me anxious. Then, the doctor asked me to do another UPT to confirm that I was pregnant. I did it and again, the positive result shown. Alhamdulillah. Regarding tthe cyst, the doctor asked me to refer to Putrajaya Hospital for check up.

Due to the discovery of the cyst, I was sad and fear about it  and hoped that it would not harm my pregnancy. I prayed to Allah for the best.

Ok, that's all from me this time around. I will continue my story in the next post.

See you..


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